3D Printing Exhibitors at Maker Festival

Posted on July 26, 2015 Under Uncategorized

Do you go totally gaga for 3D Printing? Want to know what awesome 3D printing exhibitors will be at the Maker Extravaganza this year?

Here’s the low down:



This project explores the ability of 3D printing to create artistic replicas of real objects from the molecular/cellular level to the everyday level to the planetary level. If an image is worth a thousand words, a 3D replica should be worth a billion!




The first complete desktop filament re-cycler – create 3D printing filament sustainably, on demand, for free.



Proto3000 connects companies and individuals to the tools they need in order to achieve greater capability, scalability, and efficiency.



Maker Fun

3D printed robots, custom made props, masks and lightsabers.




The Discov3ry offers printing enthusiasts a simple, ingenious and affordable hardware add-on solution for printing a wide range of pastes. Allowing makers to go beyond plastic – to wood filler, latex, silicone, icing sugar, and even nutella!


ORD Solutions

A 5 nozzle, liquid cooled printer that’s redefining intelligent 3D printing. We can print more items simultaneously, using up to 5 different materials!


Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 10.03.53 PM

MG Chemicals

M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry, including 3D printing filaments, accessories & chemicals.



Dynamic Innovations: Quick turnaround Protyping and Robotics

Dynamic Innovations is that interface between concept and reality. Services include design development and prototype construction of custom mechanical, electronic, and software projects.

Objex Unlimited: Full-colour Industrial 3D Printing & Finishing

Many people are familiar with how personal 3D printers work, but most have never seen the full-colour 3D printing processes available at the industrial level. In the Color Jet Printing process, gypsum powder is infused with a binder material and colour ink.




We use Star Trek Replicators to make medical supplies for use in places that need it most – like space!