Announcing the 2018 Maker Festival Design

Posted on May 25, 2018 Under news

We’re super excited to reveal our 2018 Maker Festival design and invite you to “Discover Maker Festival – Wonder In The Making!”

Our theory has always been that a Maker is someone – anyone – who uses their mind, hands and heart to make awesome things. This new design illustrates that connection and the passion Makers have for the creative process, from brainstorm to prototype to final product.

At Maker Festival, you’ll discover that Makers aren’t just making stuff, they’re driven by something more. Perhaps a desire to learn a new skill, or to realize a creative vision, or simply to have a great time. People make for all kinds of reasons: an openness to possibilities, an interest in actively participating in shaping our world, and perhaps, even a yearning for a more wonder-filled tomorrow.

We also want to celebrate and welcome those who may hesitate to call themselves Makers, because their creations don’t have flashy lights or robotic arms. Perhaps the awesome things they make are crochet sculptures, furniture from found objects or they experiment with baked goods.

Well, the beauty of the Maker Movement is the way many Makers use and combine techniques, materials and ideas. Minds that know code begin to compose music, hands that usually weld try kneading bread, and soon all of our hearts glow.

So join us in celebrating the creative process at Maker Festival this July 7-8. Discover new ideas, create something you can take home, and wonder in the possibilities of making!

P.S. Our snazzy new design will be available on t-shirts, posters and stickers. Stay tuned!