Best in Show

Meet our 12 Best in Show makers from this year’s Mini Maker Faire

Coffee Drip Printer by RIT Put your morning cup of brew to another level and use it as your printer ink!

DIY Pinball A modular, open source approach to manufacturing Pinball machines. Game on!

Kamiko – Mix Motion for their Interactive Kinetic Sculpture that responds to your presence by moving and changing its shape and color.

Maker Junior teaching kids about technology by combining traditional arts and crafts materials with motors, electronic components, and more.

Maker Kids – Boat Racing construct your best seafaring vessel and put it to the test – first one to the finish line wins!

Mosaic Manufacturing have created a way that allows single colour 3D printers to print in multiple colours.

Playful Geometer for their gorgeous line of Cosmic SpaceCrafts that are adorning our glowatorium.

Social Body Lab Their Prosthetic Technologies of Being project are controlled through the body’s movement to allow users to extend their movements and expand the body’s ability to express

Russell Zeid with his Artifacts in Metals and Whimsary

Textile Museum Learn to construct your own fabric by mastering the techniques of knitting and weaving

Toronto Kite Flyers for their magical additions hanging from the second floor balcony

Vintage Alchemy a steampunk stroller? Yes please! Make sure you ask them what material they use – it’s not what you think!