Bridgeable Announces Bridging the Gap Award!

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Here at Toronto Maker Faire HQ, we want to take a moment to share the spotlight and introduce companies and organizations that went out of their way to help the Faire this year. First up: Bridgeable!

Bridgeable is an award-winning strategic design company with product design roots, based in Toronto. Bridgeable helps organizations cross the bridge from knowledge to action, and make ideas tangible and real, creating products people want to use.

“We know how challenging it is to get from idea — where you see a need or an opportunity — to making something that addresses it in a satisfying, scalable way. You’ve got to introduce new ways of thinking, new systems, new technologies, and sometimes new values. But by doing so, you create a whole new set of possibilities that didn’t exist before. It takes patience: making it over and over, refining, validating, testing and restarting,” says Gabe Sawhney, senior associate at Bridgeable.

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Bridging the Gap Award

To celebrate and recognize makers, Bridgeable went ahead and created Bridging the Gap award, the first of this kind as far as we know. Best part? You don’t even need to do anything, because every single maker at the Faire can potentially win this award, just by being part of the Faire and being awesome. Make all the things, and take it all the way from something that exists only in your imagination to reality.  So when we say that our sponsors are awesome, you know we mean it. Who knew you could win an award now, for making?! Bring it on! Bridge that Gap! You never know how far your imagination and your hands will take you!

Bridge the Gap award will honour a Maker who demonstrates:

  1. Strong, purpose-driven work to address a real human need
  2. Creativity in bridging the gap between research and design, concept and prototype, or between material or technology and execution
  3. Ability to clearly communicate vision behind their creation and its benefits

Bridgeable will pick the winner, who will receive Bridge the Gap award, as well as a special prize. More details soon!

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