Curious about creating? Check out these introductory events for new makers!

Not sure what making is all about? Here are some events happening over the coming weeks where you can try your hand at creating something fun and get an introduction to the bustling maker community in and around Toronto.

Toronto 3D Printers Monthly Meeting – June 24 – Toronto, ON

Check out Site 3 coLabratory‘s monthly meeting for 3D printing enthusiasts. The meetings are free, open to the public, and new members of all interests levels are welcome to participate. Learn more.

Unpatched Tuesdays at HackLab.TO – June 25 – Toronto, ON

HackLab.TO is a community space with a diverse membership of hackers (in the MIT sense) who make things, repurpose things, program things, invent things and make lights blink!

Newcomers of all skill levels are invited to visit and participate in a friendly, respectful environment. Learn more.

June 2013 Build Night – June 26 – Guelph, ON

Use 123D and TinkerCAD to learn how to 3D model at DIYode, a 2500-square foot community workshop in Guelph, ON.

General computer skills are the only requirement for joining this collaborative learning workshop. Learn more.

3D Printing for Total Beginners! – July 3 – Toronto, ON 

Hot Pop Factory - 3D Printing for Total Beginners

Draft Print 3D invites you to their workspace to learn how to design your own 3D printable items and hear about all of the cool ways this technology is being used in the real world!

While the event on July 3 is sold out, add yourself to the waiting list for early access to tickets for the next 3D Printing for Total Beginners workshop.

Have an event you’d like us to share?