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The 2017 MakerEdTO Maker Education Conference (July 5th, 2017) is a free gathering by teachers for teachers who are using or would like to use Maker tools (anything from drinking straws and scotch tape to high end 3D printers) to facilitate...

Needle Felting is the art of turning fluffy unspun wool into mini fuzzy sculptures. Learn how to make this transformation happen in this introductory crash course. Use needle felting to make toys, jewelry, mobiles, and ornaments. All materi...

During Codezilla’s Fashion Makers workshop, kids will create an interactive fashion boutique or an animated paper doll with a variety of colourful clothes and hair styles. Bring your sense of fun – and flair! – while also ...

Hatch Canada Camps is a premier STEM camp for kids. We teach coding in a unique project-based approach and create experiences for kids that will last a lifetime. Nothing Hatch does is average. Hatch Camps are extraordinary programs that cre...

In this class, learn to use photographic imagery with the intricate art of papercutting with Tiny Blades Project’s Annyen Lam! By separating the layers of the image into papercuts, you will be able to turn your photograph into a tunnel bo...

Paper’s sculptural properties are some of our favourite things about the medium. In this class we explore the lightness and toughness of paper through experiments with different techniques and paper fibres. Learn how varying the fibre and...

Learn the basics of sewing over four sessions. Create a project to keep.

Registration required, space is limited.
To register, please call 905-615-4770 ext. 2275, or sign up in the library.

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Do you wish your images looked more professional? Adobe Photoshop can be a bit intimidating for a beginner, but it doesn’t have to be. In this workshop, Adobe Certified Expert Paul Kelly will show how easy it can be to touch up your p...