Inventorium @ Ontario Science Centre
All day long
From 06-07-17 to 06-08-17

Put your creativity to the test at Inventorium, a dynamic, curiosity-driven space that encourages play, creation and collaboration.

Show off your ingenuity through engaging, interactive experiences for aspiring innovators of all ages.  Let your imagination soar in our evolving, hands-on learning space, and see where your curiosity takes you!

Tech Bar
Try out today’s tech. Make a simple circuit; see how AR and VR are used to teach science; and use a homemade Arduino microcontroller board to develop your own robotic applications. Explore the future through emerging technology!

Maker Place
Design an insect and have it laser cut before your very eyes. Outfit your insect with a motor and race against the clock to pollinate flowers.

Maker Café 
Where coffee meets laser-cut, conversation-starting coasters. Enjoy a cup of joe* while contemplating the thought-provoking question etched on your coaster, or create your own coaster to initiate profound pondering – your design just might be chosen for onsite fabrication!

Say It with String 
Use a string to answer a series of sociodemographic survey questions and experience the beauty of data visualization that evolves with people’s answers, unveiling patterns of collective thoughts and facts.

Act. React. Interact.
Levers and ramps and pulleys – oh my! Bring your ideas to life as you build an interactive, kinetic sculpture using basic tools and a variety of materials, and deepen your understanding of mechanics.

What’s Growing On in Here?
Surround yourself with nature in The Growroom, a vertical urban plant pavilion designed by the Space10 Ikea Lab. The blueprint is open-source, so it’s free online to anyone. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to build your own pavilion to grow sustainable, local food!

Web Weave
Spin a giant web! Use your Spidey sense and packing tape to help us construct a smooth, flexible structure that’s strong enough to climb on. Untangle the science of tensile strength and see how every web begins with a single thread.

Research Live!
Participate in studies through play and interactive activities to help local researchers make advancements in science and technology. From children’s attitudes towards gossip to their views about diversity and inclusion, your data makes a difference.

Inventorium is included with general admission.

*Coffee drinks are not included with general admission. Member discount applies.

Procter & Gamble Great Hall
Level 2

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