Writing Romance Games|Part 2: Writer’s Group
$ 45 public (members FREE)
12:00 to 04:00

Love romance games? Want to learn how to write one yourself? Or just want an excuse to write something steamy? Alongside other writers navigating romance for the first time, get acquainted with the thirsty (or not) world of romance games.

Join Kaitlin Tremblay, Ben Gelinas, and Natalie Zina Walschots as they lead an in-depth writer’s group!

Participants are asked to write and submit a script for a short romance game, which will be shared with the instructors and other participants in the writer’s group a week in advance (deadline: Sunday, August 6th, 2017). Then, on the day of the workshop, everyone will discuss the submitted game scripts, offer constructive critiques, and talk about what they learned while writing.

Note: While this writer’s group is titled Part 2, attending Part 1 is not mandatory. Register for the Talk and Discussion workshop on July 28!

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