Grown-ups came out to play, make & wonder at Toronto Mini Maker Faire launch party


Last Wednesday night, creatively-inclined guests were welcomed through a sea of laser-cut bot lights that flanked the entrance of 918 Bathurst, before being enveloped in an interactive party powered by LED’s and 100% human curiosity. Guests screen printed, tasted molecular cuisine, ideated with a futurist, giggled on the adult-sized illuminated teeter totter, and kicked some serious butt on the projected video games.

Toronto Mini Maker Faire launch party had it all. We have so many people to thank, most importantly – those who came out to celebrate alongside us!


The vision for the party was to bring together a bunch of Toronto makers and friends, give everyone a small preview of the awesomeness that is Maker Faire, and most importantly, a chance to play, make, tinker and wonder. The results? Best laser-cut LED-lit name tags ever. Green screen magic. R2D2 partying steps away from the coldbrew coffee. Not to mention the pie station, DIY pinball, arduino robots, interactive light sculptures, wall of 3D makerbots and more. 


 And the best part is – the party hasn’t even started yet. The actual Toronto Mini Maker Faire is happening in two-weeks time at the Toronto Reference Library on November 22-23.

Tell all your friends to come and make all the things at our main event! In fact, we’re so eager to spread the word, we lovingly curated some tweets for you, if any of them take your fancy:

Friends, @makerfaireTO is coming up! Nov 22-23, Toronto Reference Library. Come play w R2D2, watch coffee printer, solder & 3D print #mmfto

Best show & tell on earth is coming to Toronto! @MakerFaireTO, Nov 22-23 at Toronto Reference Library. All ages, all weekend long #mmfto

Come solder, 3D print, play laser-tag, take a selfie w @hitchBOT + see world’s most awesome coffee printer! @MakerFaireTO | Nov 22-23 #mmfto

Remember, remember @MakerFaireTO is in November! Nov 22-23 at Toronto Reference Library #mmfto


Once you’ve registered for the Faire, please join us in thanking the people who filled Toronto Mini Maker Faire launch with fun and wonder:

– Jonathan and his amazing team at MakeLab for bringing along their awesome set of 3D Maker Bots

–  Kingi and Sarah of Peach Berserk for facilitating screen printing faster than a factory

– The folks at Absolut for sponsoring the event and bringing along their own locally made interactive installations.

– Vera and Lisa of Action Potential Lab whose delicious Vodka Sushi creation went down a treat

– Randy and his team from DIY Pinball who hauled their glorious machine in to the space at the eleventh hour only to be continuously crowded.


– Jim & David of the Hand Eye Society whose projected video games kept eager thumbs clicking (help Jim nail the last few pennies in his kickstarter here)

– Christina of The Makers Nation and Matthew of HTML Toronto who allowed us to delight in their illuminated teeter-totter from Pop-Up Playground


– Paul from BrewBar & the folks at Station Cold Brew for delivering much needed caffeine to the crowd.

– Cosmo of The Playful Geometer whose incredible laser-cut lanterns filled the lofty space and enchanted all.

– Justin from BW Architects whose sparkLED lights made up an ocean of flowers at the entrance (and Chuck and his team from Ultimate Workshop who went to great last-minute lengths to get them installed.

– George Wang for his premium last-minute volunteer photography. Take a look at some of his mesmerizing snaps here. 

– Stuart and the team from Situation Lab team for provoking guests with their imaginative idea generation game The Thing From The Future


– Adam for providing all-night aural entertainment with his DJ skills

– Kate and Melissa for their beautiful lighting design and extreme technical trouble shooting abilities

– Matthew for his ever-engaging Green Screen prowess

– Jay Yu and his totally awesome arduino robots (not to mention the light sabers)14-11-05-a7-01692_8x12

– Alex and his incredible R2D2 replica droids

– Our squadron of incredibly skilled and ever-enthusiastic volunteers who helped us set up from early as 10am, and didn’t head home till after midnight. We salute you all.

And of course, 918 Bathurst, for providing such a beautiful space for us to launch.

Can’t wait to see you all at the Faire – register now before it’s too late!

Over & Shout,
Maker Faire Toronto Team xo

Photos by Scott Murdoch from Five By Five Photography.