Introducing Shopify: instant awesome!

We are totally excited to announce that Shopify has joined the Toronto Mini Maker Faire as a sponsor!

Shopify does not need an introduction, but I will happily tell you that I have been involved with the Shopify team one way or the other for years now and they have been super at supporting our tech community both in Toronto and Ottawa. The first time I meet the Shopify development team was when I organized a sold out hackathon in their Ottawa offices: HackOTT. They were gracious enough to provide their entire office for the weekend hacking. And boy, did we have fun spending an entire weekend building applications for fun and glory!

HackOtt[Paper airplanes anyone?]

HackOttawa[Can you spot the Shopify CEO?]

Today Shopify powers 60,000 online stores and equips online e-commerce businesses with everything they need to create simple, beautiful and performing e-commerce sites.

But what you may not have known about Shopify is that they are hackers and makers. Take for example their Unicorn project: it is an internal peer-to-peer bonus system that helps Shopify improve employee engagement, collaboration and even compensation, letting employees enjoy the perfect blend of work and play. But more then unicorns, every three months, Shopify takes a break from their regular work and for two full days everyone in the company has free reign to work on whatever project they want – as long as it adds value to Shopify. There’s no limit to the creativity or scope of the projects, there’s only one rule: employees must ‘ship’ their projects no later than 4pm at the end of the second day. Hackers and makers! And they will fit right in at Maker Faire.

A huge thank you Shopify for supporting Toronto Mini Maker Faire! Without sponsors and community support making it all happen would be downright impossible. So please join us and send some love to Shopify. Follow @Shopify or, even better, go work with them. They’re hiring!


Eventbrite - Toronto Mini Maker Faire 2013