Maker Festival Announces 2018 Call For Spectacle

Posted on April 18, 2018 Under news

Maker Festival 2018 is officially scheduled for July 7-8, at the Toronto Reference Library, and we need some site-specific sparkle! You may recall last year’s giant floating silver jellyfish, the suspended winged puppets or the LED strips running up the stairs. This year, we want to add even more maker-y installations – spectacular installations – tailored to the Toronto Reference Library space and made by you!

Spectacle installations could include:

  • > Large scale installation art
  • > Suspended installations
  • > Interactive installations/experiences
  • > Projections (on the balconies, ceiling, etc.)
  • > Large scale LED awesomeness
  • > Roving things (like giant puppets or parades)
  • > Fire!
  • > Or… tell us YOUR ideas!


Once again, the Toronto Reference Library (just north of Yonge/Bloor) will play host to the Maker Festival weekend, July 7-8. At the Toronto Reference Library, there are plenty of spaces just asking for Maker Spectacle – such as the ground floor Atrium, second floor balconies, outdoor side street and more. At this stage we’re interested in any and all crazy ideas that shake up the Festival format.


Maker Festival is a free event run by a non-profit organization that’s staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers. We aren’t generally able to provide much in the way of funding, but we will always do our best to support out-of-pocket costs for equipment or consumables. This usually means amounts in the order of $200-$1,000. So please include your best estimate of any costs you would need to have covered to make this project go. And if you have a bigger budget project in mind don’t hesitate to send us your idea and we’ll see if we can find a way to make it work!

Please submit your Spectacle ideas / proposal by May 14th



Note: THIS IS NOT CALL FOR MAKERS! If you want to be a regular exhibitor, which means showing off your stuff at one or more tables, please use our Call For Makers form instead. Please do not apply here!

Call For Makers - Deadline April 30   Join Our Team - Deadline May 1