Maker Festival announces Call for Spectacles & Experiences

Maker Festival 2016 is officially scheduled for July 9th & 10th. We’re planning some extra additions to this year’s event: including more spectacles and experiences! This year, we’re looking forward to adding even more maker-y installations, wondrous experiences, and whimsical visual delights.

14-11-22-5DIII-8873_8x12This could include, but is not limited to:
– projections
– installations
– interactive / immersive experiences
– roving things (like giant puppets or parades)
– performances / demonstrations
– artworks / sculpture
– costumery
– technology demonstrations (VR, 3D scanning etc.)
– large scale LED awesomeness

As before, Toronto Reference Library will host our event and there are different spaces that are ripe for animating – such as 1st floor Atrium, second floor balconies, outdoor side street, dark glowatorium, and more. At this stage, plans are very flexible, and we’re interested in any and all crazy ideas – even those that might shake up the usual Festival format.

But is there money? Good question! As you may know, Maker Festival is a non-profit run by a group of dedicated volunteers who aim to pay makers/artists where ever possible. We are hoping to secure funding for spectacles in coming months, and our ability to do so might also depend on the nature of the spectacle. So please do send in your dreams, ideas, or already completed projects so we can talk about what it might take to make it happen! Use the form below (or click on this link) to send in your spectacle ideas / proposal before SATURDAY 30TH APRIL so we can get in touch, and start to get things rolling along in preparation for July! 

Note: THIS IS NOT CALL FOR MAKERS! If you want to be a regular exhibitor, there will be an application form for that later in March.

Credit to puppet maker and master, Drew Lamb for the above Praying Mantis.