Maker Monday 10/20

MakerMonday1020 We’re one month away from the Toronto Mini Maker Faire and we’re kicking off a weekly tradition of showcasing some of the incredible makers who will be bringing their inventions, experiments, and programs to the Faire in November. matter and form


The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is designed to put power back in your hands. It’s made by designers for designers and creative people. It is easy to use right out of the box and capable of color scans rivaling those produced by much more complex and expensive 3D scanners.

At the Faire
You will be able to sculpt something out of clay and scan it in right there. You can also bring a real world object that you’d like to have scanned in.

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SoMo is a small wearable device containing sensors that generate sound through body movement. Through our interactive workshops, we are inspiring participants to use their bodies to create compositions of both sound and movement.

At the Faire
You will be able to interact with the SoMo device, and will have the opportunity to generate sound through your body movements.

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The Social Body Lab will be showcasing one of three prototypes recently made in collaboration with Intel Research. The Monarch project looks to explore the possibilities in expressing emotions in new ways, with wearable, body-centric, technology.

At the Faire
The Social Body Lab will have their prototypes at the Faire for you to examine and explore, as well as past smaller projects the lab has produced.

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Dodecado is an illuminated dodecahedron whose magnetic properties allow you to stick it onto any side of another Dodecado or any other magnetic surface. Each pentagonal side of the Dodecado allows for versatility and flexibility when fashioning your light sculpture. Your creation can then be used to light up any living space, study space, or areas of darkness that need to be lit.

At the Faire
You can remodel the Dodecado light structure as often as you like due to its unique construction.

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Don’t miss out on seeing these makers and many more at the Toronto Reference Library November 22-23. RSVP today – it’s free to attend!