Maker Monday 11/03


Check out the next batch of makers we are profiling in our Maker Monday series. Meet all the makers on our website and don’t forget to come to this week’s launch party and to RSVP for the Faire on November 22-23 (it’s free!)

Want to make cool time-lapse videos without the hassle? Anyone can make time-lapse videos with the extremely portable Zeitdice. Smaller than a baseball, the Zeitdice can be setup and controlled completely from your smartphone. Tell the Zeitdice how you want to shoot, and then leave it alone while it works away at creating beautiful time-lapse videos for your and your friends.

At the Faire:
You can try out the camera with your own phone and access zeitdice from different places to get live feeds and edit/share the time-lapses coming from them.


An x-y axis printer is made by controlling a solenoid liquid valve. Slow and small resolution, but very inexpensive to print with. Here it is printing with blue water color ink, but it mostly prints with coffee. The drip size, and the nozzle distance, and the paper can all be changed. This machine prints with and on anything.

At the Faire
Get up close and personal with iPhone microscopes to inspect the drips.


The Drill Turbine is a wind turbine. The efficiency of this design allows it to be compact, as well universal. It can be used as a water turbine. Large enough to charge all mobile electronics that one might have, small enough to bring and use anywhere. We all need more independent clean energy. Today, nearly everyone uses microelectronics-based devices (smart phones, mp3 players, GPS units, etc.) which consume less than 5 watts of power. The drill turbine generates 5 watts in an 11mph wind or bike ride.

At the Faire:
There will be a light display that will light up when you blow on the turbine and you’ll also be able to charge your cell phone from a turbine within a wind tunnel.


Meet a variety of robots built by Arduino; from wheels based, tracked, biped, quadroped and hexapod.

At the Faire:
Use remote controls to manipulate and interact with the robots.