MGEAR is a unique startup, created by makers, born in artisan’s workshop in Toronto, crafting custom made and personalized tactical slim wallet using digital manufacturing equipment (3D printers, desktop CNCs, laser engravers and laser cutter).

MGEAR offers a new way for users to select, personalize and experience their own gear that are made to suit their individual brand / persona. A unique craft that allows customers to choose from a vast selection of styles, textures, patterns, integrated with gadgets & accessories.

MGEAR has built a successful brand online through artisan’s market places like ETSY and Amazon Handcraft with our flagship line of custom made , personalized tactical wallets that are the slimmest & most functional wallet in the market where users can choose from a wide range of designs, styles and optional features.

Hands-on activity:

You will be able to build your own wallet using our tools and equipment.