A|B Collective – Mammoths of Toronto

n 1901, workers digging a sewer line at Bathurst & Dupont found a fossilized mammoth ulna, sure proof that the Toronto was once mammoth territory. MAMMOTHS OF TORONTO is an interactive installation composed of three life-sized, assembled mammoth cardboard skeletons. The cardboard mammoth ‘bones’ will be wrapped with white duct tape so that they become ‘bone whiteboards’. Each mammoth with be accompanied by a large cardboard easel that will have a quick explanation of the 1901 sewer excavation discovery, and a large question to consider (written in many different languages). Participants will be encouraged to take a whiteboard marker and write their answer onto the mammoth skeleton. Each question suggests a different view of extinction. The questions will be:

[Extinction as tragedy]
What thing from the past do you still wish was around?
Bonus: What could you do to bring it back?

[Extinction as necessary]
What in your life/world needs to go extinct to make space for something new?
Bonus: How can you make that happen?

[Extinction as impermanent]
What previously extinct thing in your life/world is making a comeback?
Bonus: What are you going to do about it?

Visually-impaired participants will be able to hold a miniature version of the mammoth skeleton in their hands, and dictate a message to be written onto one of the mammoths.

The goal of the piece is to get participants to reflect on the relationship between creation and destruction, and think about how Making can lead to both!

Participants will get to respond to questions the installation poses by writing directly onto the mammoths’ cardboard bones – their ideas will become part of the art!

  • Categories: Installations, 2017