Boomerang Bags Toronto

We are a grass-root initiative focused on reducing the use of single-use plastic bags by engaging our local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – Reusable tote bags made by our communities using recycled textile materials. Boomerang Bags is driven by communities, for communities! It’s about raising awareness, connecting people, creating solutions and fostering sustainable behaviour. The movement originated on the Gold Coast of Australia and has reached over 600 communities worldwide! The Toronto based community was established in 2016.

Interactive Activity at the Festival:
Each bag is assembled in several stages which means each bag is touched by several volunteers along it’s way to completion. At our workshops, we work on several different tasks so that each volunteer regardless of their skill set can actively contribute. At the Markers Festival we could run a pop-in workshop, allowing people to contribute as little or as much time as they like towards making a reusable bag for the community. Completed bags and items will be available for people to borrow and buy (on donation based -if applicable) and be able to see how they are created in the process.