BuddyBot – AARM

The Assistive Autonomous Robotic Machine, AARM, is a personal project led by two 3rd Year Mechanical/Mechatronics University of Waterloo friends, Safwan Qazi and Russell Wong. The project was initiated as part of the school’s Velocity Residence program, a program which encourages students to invent creative solutions to challenging problems. With strong passions for robotics, Safwan and Russell are determined to bring more robots to the real world that interface well with human environments. AARM is a Robotic Butler Arm, that aims to be a consumer grade assistant robot that can perform menial tasks in the home to improve domestic life. This early prototype was made from the ground up with custom designed 3D-Printed parts based on a Arduino microcontroller. The Arm is controlled with a joystick and buttons to move the claw with an inverse kinematics algorithm which determines the motor angles to move the claw appropriately. The current iteration was designed to handle and move pop cans, ideally in a recycling scenario.


Hands-on activity:

Those visiting our exhibit will be able to play a game with our robot arm by controlling its motion, picking up and releasing various objects to get goals.