CNIB Foundation, GTA Community Hub (Literacy Program) – Braille: Secret Code or Hands-On Literacy

– drop in for a 5 minute braille lesson
– use one of our braille writers or slate and stylus to emboss your name or your own braille message
– see your name in (braille) lights
– check out a 3D printed braille fish puzzle and take away a list of files to 3D print braille objects
– learn how 3D pens and tactile models can make art, design and education more fun and accessible
– take home a Braille Activity Sheet
– explore sample braille and tactile books
– get inspired to attend our Tactile Book Making Workshop or Braille Drop In (later in July!)

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
– learn the secret to the six magic dots of braille (in 5-10 minutes)
– braille your own message (business cards, birthday cards, etc.)
– see your name in (braille) lights

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