David & Bryan – Galactic Poplar Tree

The Poplar Tree is a tree has 40 different species worldwide. 5 of them are native to Canada and each having a major impact and provides to the ecosystem of North America. The project, Galactic Poplar Tree, draws inspiration from this plant and adds a unique twist. Imagine a 10-15 ft tall clear acrylic tree set in the Toronto Reference Library that has a personality of its own! Using various sensors such as the ultrasonic sensor, pressure, and light sensors, users can interact with the tree in which the tree will respond back. For reference, when users pass by the Galactic Poplar Tree, imagine hearing the sounds of laser-cut acrylic leaves that clack against each other, providing a soothing yet intriguing soundscape.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
This installation will use various sensors such as ultrasonic sensor, light and pressure sensor to create an interactive environment. When these sensors are activated, motors attached to the leaves will trigger and the leaves can move. Due to the size (10-15ft), this piece will have to be site specific and cannot be moved to various locations.