Elizabeth & Jordanne Chan – Crafty Circuits

You don’t need to be an electrician or an engineer to work with circuits.
You don’t need tons of money.
You just need to be crafty.
We want to show the public – especially kids and total beginners – that it is easy and affordable to begin working with electricity!

The main feature of our project is paper circuit cards. These are cards made of paper, a coin-cell battery, one or more LEDs and copper tape. Participants are free to play with these. We will also give demonstrations making cards, occasionally handing completed ones out to attentive guests. We will provide some print-outs of instructions and digital access to the instructions.

We developed the paper circuit card activity as part of our volunteer work with Visions of Science, an organization that runs science clubs in low-income TCHC communities. We wanted to teach the kids the concept of electricity and how to work with it in a fun, accessible and creative way. They enjoyed this activity so much that we presented it at our year-end Visionary Gala and won the award for Most Creative Project. If we are accepted we will try to get clearance from the children and parents to see if they can attend! They would love it!

With the kids, we created other crafts with paper circuits as well, including quiz boards and quiz cards with RGB LEDs that emit either green or red for true or false answers respectively. We also created a parallel circuit garden with paper flowers that light up when their leaves are pressed. We also created doodlebots and worked with conductive dough. More crafts are definitely on their way.

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