FELTasticFashion – FELTastic Maker

Felting is like 3D printing, but with layers of wool fibers. Discover how a felting needle turns wool into seamless piece of felt fabric / 3D wool sculpture by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together without the use of water. We are the creators, designers & felters of many FELTasticFashion felting creative projects!

We use water & soap plus the amazing wool fibers to wet felt seamless purse, bag, scarf & even clothes & jewelries! We use special felting needles to embellish & add fine details or even making 3D sculptures all 100% wool fibers! We do mix-media & upcycle projects with all kinds of felting techniques! We want to show how fun felting is & how wool can do so many extraordinary creations!

We design & package & wholesale our own all-inclusive felting DIY kits to museum shops that allow everyone to apply his/her creativity to make something special. Wool is our main source of material. Wool is not only a natural, durable, endlessly renewable and totally biodegradable material, it is also naturally stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, anti-microbial (body odor resistant), anti-static, fire retardant, self-extinguishing, excellent insulation, quick drying and some are even naturally water resistant! Wool fabrics also have a good UPF rating for both dry and wet situations and will protect against the sun’s harmful rays! We love interaction as we will demonstrate the felting process! We love sharing the felting fun to all ages! We will first let all to feel & touch the beautiful wool roving from NZ Corriedale Sheeps.

We encourage people to touch some of our finished felted creations & to feel how solid the wool fibers can turn into something that can be stronger than steel wires! We will offer hands-on mini-needle felting project ie wool badge, bookmark, wall art décor.