Good Robot – Autonomous Objects

I have been working on a personal project about autonomous objects – items like tools and other useful things that could be part of a sharable library of items that pass from hand to hand. It challenges traditional notions of ownership where even a sharable item, whether it’s a car, or book, or a tool is still “owned” by someone. This project extends sharing one step further by treating goods as autonomous entities, owned by no one, yet useful to all, much like a public good or commons. I would like to have a booth in order to acquaint people with the idea or concept and learn from feedback, as well as “release” a number of objects at this event for interested participants.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
I will be giving out useful autonomous objects. Anyone accepting an object of their choosing will be part of the effort to launch a system that allows like-minded people to use, care-for, and share autonomous objects.