Humber College – We Are Makers

At Humber, we prepare our students with the ability to analyze, problem-solve, create and recreate the things around them.

Whether creating robots, interiors, exteriors, energy solutions or scale models, Humber students are makers, innovators and design leaders.

Stop by our booth to check out projects that Humber College students created in our interior design and electromechanical engineering programs.

The Drawbot – Inspired by Pictionary, Humber College’s electromechanical engineering students created The Drawbot to showcase how humans and robots can work side-by-side, in collaboration. Race against the machine – see if you can beat it’s speed or accuracy!

The best work of graduating students from Humber’s interior design program will also be featured. Kimberly Czornodolskyj, Dominika Szpunar, and Roxanne Van Dam have taken their ideas from imagination to product – showcasing the pivoting age of design, as it alternates the way we see, use and approach design. The work represents how the new generation of creative thinkers want to push the boundaries of design in interiors, exteriors, products and energy solutions.