Kurogane Armory – Japanese Armour from Re-purposed Materials

Kurogane Armory makes combat-ready Samurai Armour for Medieval Reenactment, Cosplay & LARP. Made by hand from modern materials (HDPE Plastic from re-purposed barrels & synthetic lacing), all our armour is based off of historical Japanese designs worn by the Samurai. The armour itself is lightweight, flexible and durable enough to be used in battle reenactment and “sport combat”… and it LOOKS GREAT!

At our booth participants will learn about the traditional construction of Japanese Armour, and have an opportunity to try the armour on. Our Master Armourer Ward Black will also be lacing on a suit of armour so attendees can see part of the process first hand.

The Full process includes:

Marking the Pattern
Cutting the barrel plastic
Smoothing the Edges
Drilling the Holes
Lacing The Armour
Leather and Cloth Pieces