Lab T.O. – Beacon Scavenger Hunt Puzzle

We’re turning Maker Festival into a game using beacons that your phone can detect. This demonstration will introduce you to Eddystone – the open-source Bluetooth proximity beacon technology that’s able to transmit data to nearby iOS and Android devices. There will be several small beacons placed at particular Maker Festival booths (with permission) that will transmit data that can be used to solve a puzzle. Don’t worry though – you’ll get that closure you never did with the finale of Lost.

Beacons essentially add digital interactivity to physical environments. In other words, it’s another layer on top of ordinary ho-hum reality. In our demonstration, we’re using beacons for a game, but this technology could be used to provide an audio guide to museum exhibits or to give information about trees in an arboreum. Our booth will provide information and code for people who want to get started with beacon applications.

The beacon game is similar to a location-aware game like Pokemon Go. Attendees can receive short transmissions from beacons on their own phone, and they’ll also get to see the technology behind the project so they can build their own projects using beacons.