Lassonde School of Engineering, York University – Social Kiosk by LAMA Interactive

With information just a Google search or a tweet away, customer service is more important than ever for all services. Delays in answers to common questions results in unhappy customers, whether that is shoppers or students.

Our solution … the Social Kiosk!

In many public spaces, staff deals with numerous inquiries on a daily basis. This often results in long lines, confusion and frustration. A common solution to these issues is an information kiosk. Though useful, these kiosks are programmed with a limited database of frequently asked questions and are seldom updated.

Our Social Kiosk solves these issues by providing a voice and text interface, backed by a machine learning algorithm. Instead of navigating through a convoluted menu, users can talk to the Social Kiosk, ask for directions and interact with the maps.

We are a team of upper year engineering students at the Lassonde School of Engineering, and Social Kiosk is our capstone project. We would like to make our Social Kiosk maker festival friendly!

By working with the Maker Festival team, we would upload festival floor maps and FAQs, making it easier for the attendees to locate their favourite exhibits, find workshop times and zones, and simply explore Maker Festival.

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