Lassonde School of Engineering & proto3000 – TinkerTank

TinkerTank is a space to ideate, prototype, test, learn and teach.

Developed with high school students in mind, TinkerTank is a mobile makerlab created by the Lassonde School of Engineering. This repurposed 20 foot tank has a modular design and wall to wall (to ceiling) writable surfaces. TinkerTank will provide high school students a chance to make, explore their passions, discover new tools, learn about engineering and sciences and connect with the Lassonde community.

During its first run at a local high school, is was used to enhance the curriculum of a couple of high school courses. Students called the space a classroom, a lab and even a gaming room as they built light-following cars, digital hourglasses and various 3D-printed objects.

The TinkerTank encourages skill-building and collaborative making. This high tech-low tech space can be outfitted with a range of tools from 3D printers, digitizers, soldering stations and micro-processors, to the ultimate prototyping gadgets. At Maker Festival we will exhibit some activities developed by our students so attendees can get some hands-on interaction with the TinkerTank.

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