Link Tong: Roses without Thorns

My project is a combination of art exhibition and hands-on workshop for all audience.
– The exhibition includes my new collection of “Roses without Thorns“- a series of artworks that I started in 2005 using my handmade paper roses as a medium. Each rose is intricately shaped with colored crepe paper, glued together forming various designs and then finished with clear acrylic paint to make them strong and long lasting.

– The workshop is to show how each rose is made with crepe paper. Audience are all encourage to try making them with provided materials. Since each rose only takes a few minutes to make, this workshop can cater to a large number of audience of all ages

As I mention above, all visitors at the event are welcome to try making some paper roses. I will prepare all the materials (paper & tape) and instruct them at my table

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