Little Robot Friends

Packed with smarts, sensors, and personality, Little Robot Friends are cute robot characters that inspire kids to get creative with technology.

Spikey, Ghosty, and Curvy can respond to touch, light, sound, and movement by making adorable expressions through blinking lights and beeping sounds. These expressions are infinitely programmable, enabling kids to create unique personalities for their robots. They sing songs, perform tricks, play games, and invite hands-on creative play through crafting costumes and coding robot behaviours.

Our platform supports three levels of coding: a simple drag-and-drop app that introduces programming concepts, a block-based coding app for experimenting with code, and a C/C++ library for intermediate and advanced coding using Arduino.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
We’ll have a large interactive robot to introduce kids to electronic parts and sensors. We’ll also have 2-3 laptops set up at our activity table with our visual coding app. Kids can tinker and experiment with the app and program their robot to perform tricks, sing songs and play games.