LoveTronics – Now all I need is a love emitting diode

The exhibit will be a selection of interactive electronic based projects. We are motivated by the idea of “Teaching machines to love” and our projects are identifiable through their heart-based themes and linking people together. The projects require interaction between two people for them to work.

At the festival we will have heart shaped infinity mirrors with embedded LEDs that track and look for two faces in close contact. When it finds two people who are staring into the mirror together the lights begin to flash and an image is taken and uploaded to a Twitter feed. (@HeartTron)

Another project is a set of linked stuffed teddy bears with embedded heart lights and heating pads. They are linked to each other via an android app and when one bear is squeezed it warms up and sends a signal to its companion bear whose heart will start flashing. Whoever has the second bear will know that someone is thinking of them and hugging their own bear.

We will also have an assortment of smaller heart shaped electronic buttons and interactive lights.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
All of our projects require multiple people to interact with the electronics and toys in order to work!!

We have an infinity mirror that tracks for two people gazing into the mirror and requires continuous engagement to light up and then it will upload a photo to its Twitter feed.

We have an assortment of heart shaped electronics and buttons to play with.

We have a set of huggable teddy bears that are linked to each other- when one person hugs a bear, its partner has a heart that lights up letting the other human know someone is thinking of them.

We also have heart shaped glasses that can be worn and user selection of LED colour.

We also have a new LED based level design (as opposed to the standard bubble levels) we would like feedback on!