Maker Festival: Rube Goldberg Machine Contraption

Come design and build a crazy contraption with us. Kids of all ages can come and build together to make an amazing device designed to do an easy task in the most complicated way possible. Creatively solve the challenge and be part of an amazing invention.

At our hands-on activity, kids will come and work on an awesome machine, to be set off at regular intervals. They will learn how to come up with new ideas and use their imagination to collaboratively build a machine to solve problems. Kids will use recycled materials, craft supplies, as well as some more complicated pre-built electronics. Participants will learn engineering concepts and experiment with electronics while prototyping and testing their own ideas.

For this activity, a goal for the machine will be set, such as ringing a loud bell or launching a paint cannon at a large MakerFaire banner. Kids will be challenged to work and collaborate with kids around them to build one or two simple machines as a section of the overall machine. The individual sections will combine with pre-built customizable electronics and the other creations to make an amazing machine. Kids will be assured that it’s alright if it doesn’t work on the first run because failing is the best way to learn as a maker. The MakerKids’ Rube Goldberg Machine will be set off in regular intervals giving kids the chance to see their creations come to life and encourage new kids to take part.

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