MIGHTYmacro – Ultra-High Resolution Macro Imaging

We create ultra-high resolution macro images with deep focus that offer a unique perspective into details not normally visible. Our hand build rig and control software automates the collection of hundreds or thousands of images that are then focus stacked and stitched together to create ultra-high resolution images with unlimited depth of field.
Our project has been very popular at other Maker Faires as it demonstrates how simple automation techniques can be used to create powerful applications and it appeals to the scientifically curious with a unique insight into fine details that we are not able to perceive.


Hands-on activity at the Festival:
We will have our viewer on display for interactive exploration so that festival attendees can zoom into our unique macro images. This process is much like Google maps but for objects that are very small like bugs, rock samples, circuit boards, cultural artifacts, bacterial cultures, plants, etc. For an example of this visit https://viewer.gigamacro.com/