Mini Backpacks

What started as a simple school project quickly blossomed into a fully fledged hobby; Mini Backpacks are hand sown miniature sized backpacks. With equal focus on both practicality and aesthetics, the purpose of the project is to make a fully functional bag that can fit in the palm of your hand. Using a medley of recycled, found, and store bought fabric, each bag is meticulously hand stitched to ensure maximum durability. The purpose of the bag is two fold: on the one hand they are meant to be quite practical, able to hold loose change, small earrings, and extra hair clips. On the other they serve as a kind of mini installation or a flux kit of sorts. Imagining the bag could belong to a real person, albeit of much smaller size, the bags hold items of a more useful nature like books and maps and a climbing hook. Due to the complexity of the project and just how long it takes to make a single bag they are unfortunately not available for sale. They are however, quite neat to look at, thus making them a perfect candidate for the Maker Festival.

Anyone is welcome to pick up the backpacks, play with them, open them, examine them, etc,. Despite their small size, I made them with the intended purpose of being practical as well as aesthetic so all the pockets and straps and buttons are fully functional and I avidly encourage people to see that for themselves.

  • Categories: Crafting, 2016