Natalie Plociennik – Apt. 708 Maker Creatives

We make bridges between art and technology. Our work includes electronics, kinetics, crafts, design and fine art skill. One of my works is a 3 foot animatronic plant that uses multiple sensors. It moves its petals when it detects movement to entice people. If touched, it gently bites, like a Venus fly trap. All of our works have stories, such as my flying city – a paper sculpture made of many layers of colourful cardstock, or my Window to The Multiverse which is a representation of how multiple universes interact. Each sculpture is its own project with its own tale or concept that we share with others.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
The animatronic plant is a kinetic sculpture that will surely provide interactivity with the public because it responds to human movement and touch.