Natalie’s Playground – Tree of Life

The Tree of Life was discovered on an uncharted island in the tropics. When touched, it transforms the energy of your beating heart to a rhythmic and colourful glow in its fruits. In this mesmerizing display we are enticed to eat its fruit, thereby spreading its seeds. Meanwhile, we gain both oxygen and nutrition from the tree.

This project is an exploration of our synergistic relationship with trees as we depend on each other for life.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
People come up to the tree and put their hand on the bark on one of 3 visible spots where there is a hidden heartbeat sensor. There are ‘fruits’ hanging above each sensor which glow in colour and intensity in the same rhythm as the person’s heartbeat. The texture of the tree will be hard and bark-like, so we encourage people and especially children to touch and feel it!

The leaves of the tree will provide shade from the brightly lit TRL environment, so that the fruit LEDs can be seen well. As well, the fruit LEDs and resistors will be chosen to be quite bright so that they shine despite the background brightness.
The tree is also purposefully designed into modules, so that it can be transported easily and assembled within 30 minutes.

  • Categories: Installations, 2018