Neil Squire Society – Makers Making Change

Makers Making Change is run by the Research and Development department of the Neil Squire Society; a Canadian National not-for-profit organization that uses technology, knowledge and passion to empower people with disabilities. Makers Making Change addresses issues faced by people with disabilities by utilizing the open source movement, the crowd sourcing movement, and the maker movement to create affordable, assistive technologies at the community level.

We build networks and community by hosting events to prototype and build new devices; providing a library of free, tested, open source assistive technologies; and hosting a community based “matching service” through our website where makers and people with disabilities can connect to work on projects collaboratively in their region.

Our first major project is the LipSync, a mouth controlled input device that enables people with little or no hand movement to operate a touchscreen device. LipSync was featured on CTV’s Your Morning:

Interactive activity at Maker Festival:
Makers Making Change’s Accessibility Innovation Showcase will feature some low tech 3d printed assistive devices from our Open Source Assistive technology Library. Low Tech AT projects will be on display to test out and ask questions. We’ll also have a demo of our flagship project, the LipSync: a mouth operated joystick device that allows a person to control a computer cursor with a minimal head and neck movement using sip and puff technology. All the electronics are housed in the ‘head’ of the device so there are no additional control boxes, making the LipSync a good candidate for portable, wheelchair-mounted applications. The mouthpiece is attached to a precision miniature joystick sensor that requires only a very slight pressure on the shaft in order to move the cursor. The mouthpiece is hollow, allowing a person to perform left and right mouse button clicks by alternatively puffing or sipping into the tube.