New Step 4 U – Innovative Healing Art

3D Pen Line Art is a one of the Healing Art Programs to encourage and support children, youth, adults and seniors regardless of their mental, physical or financial circumstances. 3D pen it’s a handheld version of 3D Printing that lets you to draw with plastic in the air. It’s really fun! It combines all the excitement and innovation of new technology with the care and love of something handmade. We will have stencils for you to draw on, or you could create your own objects from your imagination! So all you need to bring is your creativity!

Virtual Reality is not just an up and coming buzzword in the world of tech, it is the next big platform for people to disconnect from everyday problems and teleport to a different world. Imagine, create and feel the art. Paint life-size three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Experience art as you have never before.
To prevent children from the devastating effects of trauma, disaster, conflict and crisis, Arts Aid Kits delivers groundbreaking arts-based psychological aid to reduce PTSD, soothe and heal the unseen scars of trauma. Audience will get a chance to learn and try different items from special Arts Aid Emergency Kits.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
Interaction with 3D printing pens, to create 2D or 3D objects,jewelry,accessories,toys,home decor etc.