NewMakeIt – New Market Maker Space

NewMakeIt is a collaborative space that fuels, inspires and enables grassroots innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. The first of its kind in York Region and located in Newmarket, NewMakeIt is a key piece of the York Region innovation ecosystem and offers to the community:
1. An open office area that enables entrepreneurs, startup ventures and freelancers to start, grow and achieve success.
2. A makerspace that contains digital fabrication equipment (laser cutter, CNC 4′ x 8′ router, Objet 24s 3D printer), woodworking, metalworking and machine shop equipment, enabling innovators, makers and creatives to develop ideas and work on projects
3. Workshops and classes offering knowledge in areas such as business, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and STEM.

An interactive booth demonstrating the capabilities of NewMakeIt and what you as a maker\innovator\inventor\tinkerer can accomplish here.