Northern Circuits – Aquarius Fountain Lamp

“Bend Water With Light”

Aquarius is a successfully crowdfunded (Kickstarter!) stroboscopic fountain lamp that creates visually impossible and mesmerizing displays of water. Watch as streams of water freeze in mid-air, rise upwards against gravity, change directions sporadically, duplicate itself into many streams, change colors like a chameleon, and even simulate natural phenomena such as Volcanic Lightning and the Northern Lights. Aquarius is a full-on Maker’s demonstration of woodworking (CNC and handwork), injection molded plastic, PCB design, FDM 3D printing, Arduino programming, metalcrafting, and most importantly, creative tinkering.

Proving that Maker designs can become successful business ideas, Aquarius was featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet High Tech Toys Week 2017 and El Hormiguero, Spain’s most watched live TV program boasting 2.7 million daily viewers. It also (currently) holds the distinction of being the highest Kickstarter crowdfunded project in the Art Sculpture category and the 9th highest overall in the Art category.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
Participants can have first hand experience interacting with an Aquarius Fountain Lamp. Cycle through different patterns, touch the water stream, and even program their own effects through the Arduino IDE!