Objex Unlimited: Full-colour Industrial 3D Printing & Finishing

Objex Unlimited: We’d like to demonstrate and involve attendees in the finishing process for the CJP 3D printing process.

Many people are familiar with how personal 3D printers work, but most have never seen the full-colour 3D printing processes available at the industrial level.

In the Color Jet Printing process, gypsum powder is infused with a binder material and colour ink. Once printed, models must be de-powdered, sanded, infiltrated with superglue, and waxed to achieve best colour and smoothness.

We’re going to 3D print a bunch of things and have attendees do the final step of the finishing process by wax-dipping the parts in our equipment.

At our table attendees will put on safety equipment and dip partly-finished industrial 3D prints into hot wax, then place the part into our toaster oven to melt away the excess.

They’ll also get to handle fully-finished parts and see the difference between what comes out of the printer and what goes out the door.

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