ORD Solutions: 5 nozzle 3D printers and a paste printer product launch

We have the industry’s most advanced 3D printer – a 5 nozzle, liquid cooled printer that’s redefining intelligent 3D printing. We can print more items simultaneously, using up to 5 different materials! We’d like to showcase the printer and some of the prints its capable of, to show visitors to the fairer what’s possible when you open yourself up to dreaming big! We’d also like to launch a new printer – our RoVa3D PastePRO – a commercial grade paste 3D printer, great for culinary enthusiasts young and old! The new paste printer can print anything your can squeeze out of a tube – chocolate, candy, icing, you name it. And we want to share our creations with everyone that comes by the event! We’ll have lots of treats to hand out and cupcakes for the kids to decorate. It should be a great time!

Because we’re launching our new paste printer at the faire, we’d like to have a station where kids (and adults!) can decorate cupcakes with 3D printed items, and enjoy some of the other treats we’ve printed.name it. It’s all about sharing the 3D printing love!

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