Over and Out Films – Cinevinyl Recordjector

This is a combined super 8 film projector and vinyl record player. It syncs the film projection to play along with the record so that you can experience an analog music video experience. Super 8 film and vinyl records both hold about the same length of time, and this project has created a unique, user-friendly, physical and nostalgic platform to experience home movies, music videos, short films, animation, etc. Vinyl has made a huge comeback, and super 8 film is on the upswing as well, with Kodak releasing a brand new camera in 2018, and reintroducing stocks to the market. DIY filmmaking continues on small gauge film, and most of the world’s Hollywood directors started out using super 8 film.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
The projector will be loaded with film by users, and the record will be set up by users. The machine automates sync to a degree of accuracy close to lip sync.

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