Pinball Makers – Build Your Own Pinball Machine

The popularity of pinball hasn’t been this big since the 1970’s, with games popping up in arcades and dedicated bars all over the city and across the world. In combination with the Maker movement, the two worlds have come together with Pinball Makers – people who are modifying older machines to use modern electronics, with updated mechanicals, or outright creating new pinball machine from scratch using Open Source hardware and software.

The Pinball Makers website hosts all the information you need to customize or build your own pinball machine and is the main repository for the Open Pinball Project, an open-source hardware platform using commonly available, low-cost components that can be assembled by anyone with a soldering iron.

On the software side there is Mission Pinball Framework, an Open Source project that handles all the low-level functions of a pinball machine and allows you to concentrate on creating light shows, rules and gameplay.

Hands-on activity at the Festival:
Full-size, commercial quality pinball machine converted from electromechanical to electronic operation using Open Source hardware and software. The game will have a screen attached showing status of switches and other functions in real time.