Protolab TO – Makerspace/Workshop

Protolab is open for ANYONE to join, from the novice DIY’er to Pro Makers, Artists and Designers alike, we also offer training and regular workshops that cover how to use all of our tools and machines. We have a wide range of tools from 3D printers, to laser engravers and a very large CNC machine.
At the festival:
– wood display wall with signs and some of the things will be hung on it as well (it will be flat and narrower than the length of the table so it will fit behind us)
– our open source cmc table (actual table, not machine)
– Custom racing drones/ quadcopters
– Video/slideshow of some of the items being made at portal and some drone footage
– electric powered skateboard prototype
– We will also be showcasing some of our members works to show the various possibilities that are available at our makerspace.