Rôllies – Fusion Spring Rolls

As a newcomer in Canada and a proud Vietnamese who loves cooking and sharing my food culture, I have started the “Rôllies” project. Inspired by the cultural diversity of Toronto and new street food trend, I came up with an idea to fuse Vietnamese fried spring rolls with some of the most popular cuisines around the world.

The name “Rôllies” is pronounced just like “rollies” because the letter “ô” from Vietnamese alphabet makes the same sound as “o” in English.

This project is currently at the stage where 5 different fried spring rolls and accompanying dipping sauces have been developed and tested. I have also created a new signature fusion which combines Canada’s famous poutine with crispy fried spring rolls and Vietnamese Pho beef gravy. All ingredients are freshly made and each spring roll is carefully hand-rolled.

Maker Festival 2018 will be a great opportunity to introduce this new street food concept to Torontonians. These yummy “Rôllies” and “Rôllies Poutine” will be fried on the spot for purchase as quick snacks. Here is a detailed list of our assortment for Maker Festival 2018.

1. Rôllies Poutine (egg roll wrappers, potato, green onion, Vietnamese Pho beef gravy, cheese curd)

2. Saigon Rôllies (egg roll wrappers, pork, black fungus, taro, fish sauce) dip in Sweet & Spicy Sauce

3. Italiana Rôllies (Orzo pasta, ham, cheese) dip in Pesto Mayo Sauce

4. Mexi Rôllies (beef, corn, bell pepper, taco seasoning, tomato, red kidney beans) dip in Creamy Avocado Sauce

5. Indi Rôllies (chicken, potato, tomato, carrot, green peas, coriander, spices) dip in Mint Chutney Sauce

6. Veggie Rôllies (carrot, sweet potato, taro, black fungus, vermicelli noodles, leek) dip in Sweet & Spicy Sauce

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