Rorokiti – The Curious Wyrm

The Wyrm is a curious mythological creature seeking knowledge about our reality. (What better place to do that than the Maker Festival?!)

Rorokiti, multidisciplinary puppetry artists, will perform a free roaming dragon puppet, the Wyrm, who can “fly” (puppeteered with a rod) and interact with people. The puppeteer will be on stilts.

This colourful dragon puppet has a long sinuous body & small wings, roughly 8 to 10 feet long. It “flies” in a flowing serpentine movement like a ribbon through the air. The head is operated by a rod held in one hand, and the tail is held in the other hand. It can be manipulated from above the puppet, enabling it to walk upon the ground, or from below the puppet, enabling it to fly above the puppeteer (and be seen high above the audience).

It will be made from soft materials, lightweight fabrics, using found objects & recycled materials as much as possible. Its body structure will be made from foam, wire & springs. The rod would be able to pivot with a string to control the head and open/close the jaw. The wings will be on springs to give them independent movement. The dragon will be extremely flexible, able to move left, right, up, down, even upside-down.

The puppeteer is on stilts in order to create a larger physical space in which the puppet can move. The depth of field for performance will be created by the length of the performer’s arms, the head-rod of the puppet and the height of the stilts. They will be dressed in traditional blacks or in a neutral background theme.

The height of the stilts will be 18 inches and the length of the dragon’s head-rod will be 42 inches, giving the dragon a potential 7 foot diametre horizontally or vertically for its flight maneuvers. The dragon does not have to use this full area.

There will be a dragon handler as a secondary performer to assist the dragon / stilt walker and aide in crowd interaction.