Ryerson New Media – Ryerson Twinfinity

Twinfinity was made in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre within the course “Advanced New Media Topics” at Ryerson University’s New Media program. The class was challenged in making exhibits that were both entertaining and educational for children.

Inspired by the work of artists such as Ivan Navarro and James Nizam, this Infinity Mirror presents an illusion of an infinitely repeating pattern. This optical trick is created by placing two two-way mirrors parallel to one another, with a light source in between. The light bounces between the two mirrors, creating the illusion of a tunnel going on forever.

This infinity mirror is unique in that it uses a pair of two-way mirrors, making it viewable from both sides. Sandwiched between the two mirrors are four strips of multi coloured LED lights running along the inside of the frame. This makes it fully interactive. Using a controller, visitors can draw their own pattern of light and use their creativity to explore this infinite space.

This piece, in all aspects represents DIY culture. Everything from the code to the fabrication was created by students using innovative technology.

The code started as a brightness test, but then turned into a complex program to draw different patterns in a 3D space. The process we used to fabricate the enclosure was also innovative in that all items were made from scratch using innovative methods.

The goal of this piece is to teach the kids that interact with it about science and code. Our DIY aesthetic helps audience members to be inspired by our work, and hopefully want to do it themselves.

  • Categories: Installations, Electronics, 2018