Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3) – Ramsbot/URC Mars Rover

Ryerson Rams Robotics is a robotics collective based out of Ryerson University. This year they are showcasing two projects, a mars rover designed for speed and astronaut assistance on the red planet, and Ramsbot, a basketball playing robot built for the Toronto Raptors.

The mars rover (Scarab), in addition to being able to drive over impressive obstacles on demand, also carries a robotic arm that can be used to grasp and handle objects. Both of these will be demonstrated to the public live, along with spectators being able to handle impressively machined spare parts. Ramsbot has a preprogrammed “pass-shot” that fires a basketball at a very low velocity towards ready spectators. This along with the public’s ability to feed basketballs to the robot provides for a very popular attraction.