Shades of Our Sisters

Shades of Our Sisters is an exhibit and online experience co-created by the families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to share the memory of their loved ones and what the loss of their life means. Audiences are transported into the grief, laughter and love of these families; challenging Canadians to realize the injustice of this National tragedy.

Shades of Our Sisters invites audiences to meet Sonya Cywink and Patricia Carpenter, two of the 1,200+ Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Transgender and 2 Spirit Peoples. The Shades of Our Sister exhibit is a combination of film, soundscapes and personal artifacts. Audiences move through the space dedicated to the lives of each woman. Their poems, childhood dolls and clothing they wore allows audiences to come to know Sonya and Patricia as they watch short films and stories of their lives and impact in their communities. This intimate experience offers audiences a closeness to these two remarkable young women, humanizing their lives and showing them as more than just a statistic.